A week of YUCK!

This week has been weather from hades!  Literally.  It has been hot, humid and quite miserable.  When you are in a house with no airconditioning and the feel in the air consists of dampness and heat, the uncomfortability rises exponentially by the second!  We get crabby and irritable! 

Having said all that… we have found ways to try to cool down.  The number one way that Satya likes to cool down?… is by stripping down bare and getting wet at her water table.  She has also loved to go “Swinnin” (tranlation: swimming).  We joined the YMCA and have LOVED LOVED LOVED it.  We get to swim in the outdoor huge pool and spend time in their tot pool.  Nothing better on a hot, hot day!  Satya has also enjoyed frozed grapes, frozen pineapple and juice freezies. 

In any circumstance, miserable weather or in stress, the smile on my baby girls face brightens my day, brightens my life and makes me feel so lucky and blessed!  I love you Satya Grace!


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