It’s been awhile

It has been far too long since I have posted anything.  Life gets crazy busy sometimes, but I guess that is a good thing since that means lots of cherished times and beautiful memories.  I am enjoying my life and love of my little family. 

Since I last wrote, we have been…

…to the apple orchard several times- 3 to be exact!- once to Aamodts with Poppy and Grandmama and once just Satya and I to Aamodts as well.  The once with mommy, daddy and Satya to the Pine Tree Apple Orchard.  We went on a hayride, saw pony rides, got treats and enjoyed our beautiful October weather! 

…had a wonderful visit with my dad (Poppy and Grandmama).  A week long of making memories and having them and Satya spend priceless time together.

…spent some fun times with friends- eating out, community events, bon fires, movie watching and just enjoying summer!

…been crazy busy with school and work- why didn’t anyone insist I think this over twice?  Working full time, going to school full time and having a 19 month old full time… not much extra of me to go around right now but I am lucky I have this opportunity as it will afford me the chance to spend more quality (uninterrupted by work) time in the future with my little girl.

…Marc has started an amazing internship- this company is remarkable!  They feed him gourmet meals daily, drink stations for anytime he wants, an atmosphere that is appreciative, positive and lively.  He loves going there everyday and looks forward to what might lie ahead.

…had good memories created with my mom, sister and Satya- they get to spend time together every week that is just them.  They play, sleep, eat, help mama out (cleaning etc.).  Knowing that Satya gets to be home and so well cared for is a priceless gift! Thanks mom and Kim.

and I am sure I am forgetting alot but this is just some of the excitement we have been participating in in the last few months.  We feel blessed to have wonderful family and friends.  We have been blessed to have childcare figured out without having to consider doing daycare at this point.  My mom, sister, Kara and Kate have been amazing in making this happen. Like I said, we are truly blessed!

Well… off to work I go.  The clients are calling and there are many needs out in this big world.

~Until Next time…


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