Holy Moly….

Yikes. What a couple of days!  I have been sick sick sick.  I don’t think I have been sick like this for years and years!  Not even my throwing up daily while pregnant matched up to these last few days.  My body is sore from heaving, by throat hurts from the obvious, and I still can’t quite keep food down.  I am a sight for sore eyes!  First Sayta had some version of this, however, when she is sick she barely slows down so it is hard to tell how it really is.  Then me. WHAM. It happened suddenly as I was cozying in for the night in my warm bed.  Satya seems mostly better and I think I am on the mend but OH NO!!!  Now, my husband woke up throwing up visciously and has not been down stair since (except to take care of business of course!).  Hears to hoping that tomorrow looks brighter, healthier and lots more fun!



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