Not mother of the year :(

Oh my oh my…. yesterday I was sitting and playing with my babe and she accidentally spilled a glass of ice water.  In my haste to try to keep it from getting on the phone and on her drawings, I leaned forward and heard her cry.  I was so concerned about getting the water cleaned up that I didn’t immediately respond to her crying as I thought she was upset about the water.  Once I looked at her and realized she was holding her breath crying so hard, deep color in her face, and gigantic crocodile tears, I figured it was far more than just about the water. 

She had her foot under the chair that I had just leaned forward on!!!!  OUCH!!!!!  Oh, my baby, I am SO SORRY! (My heart still hurts just thinking about it!)  She is alright but certainly my possibility of becoming mother of the year ended last night!!!  If your baby gets hurt it is certainly NOT supposed to be at the hand of the one she trusts the most….her own mother!


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