Looking through my window!

Here is sit.  I am looking through the big window in the living room out at the bright blue January sky.  It is in the 40’s and there is little snow to speak of.  The window is open a crack to get some fresh air in.  This weather is unheard of in MN in January!  However, I am loving it and wish more winters were like this here.  It would make the winter so much more bearable!  Even if we get a huge snow storm at this point, the reality is that it won’t stay for six months like in previous winters!!!

My girls are sleeping.  I am back home on maternity leave.  I have a great boss who is so kind to have figured out an alternate maternity leave schedule so I am home again after working for the month of December!  I am LOVING it.  I can’t say enough how happy being home with my girls makes me.  I enjoy every part of it… even the hard parts!  Watching my girls today I am amazed at their growth.

  • Satya is a little girl now.  She is smart, smart, smart!  She knows things that you wouldn’t think a 2 1/2 year old would know.  Yesterday she made a “stelacope”!!! (Telescope) and had fun sharing it with us and asking us what we could see out of it!  She is sensitive and caring about others.  She is the best sharer I know!  Including any adults I know!  She just loves to play and pretend.  She has so much fun cooking in her kitchen!
  • Salihah is changing so much everyday!  I am sort of saddened by how quickly she is growing.  She is holding her head up well and she has found her hands!  She holds them nearly all day long.  She even holds them when she is sleeping!  It is adorable.  She has also been doing alot of ‘talking’!  She coos like crazy!  She just started cooing herself to sleep!  It is the best to hear her little voice.  She is also a great sleeper.  Satya always struggled with sleeping (still does!), but Salihah is already sleeping about 8 hours most nights and even when I get her to feed her she just sleeps through it and goes right back to bed in her crib.  This is unheard of at our house!  At first, it scared me and I was always worried.  But now I am taking pleasure in it, other than sometimes I find myself missing her when she has slept too long!  Funny how things work!

Well, nap time will end soon and I have lots to try to accomplish before our home is alive again!  Today I am deeply thanking God for all he has given me and trusted me with.  I am trying to be appreciative as much as possible and in this journey I see God’s face in my girls.  I am so lucky!  I love you Satya Grace and Salihah Hope!

Now and forever your biggest fan!




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