Could it be that time already??

I am back at work.  There is no exclamation point on that because it is not said with any excitement.  I am so lucky to work for a company that values children, and motherhood.  I was blessed to have an extended maternity leave and even more flexibility when I returned to work.  In some ways this is amazing.  I have never known an organization and boss that is so understanding and considerate of this painful process of leaving your children to work everyday.   Having said that, this transition is just that…. Painful!

I hate every second of having to leave my girls.  I enjoy watching each moment of their day and finding schedules and activities that bring out the best in us all.  I have so many things I want to do with them.  So many things I want to watch them do.  Maybe, just maybe…. one day I will be able to be home with them more.  I have decided this just may be my life’s dream!

I love my girls more than any words can say. 

Love now and forever~ Mama


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