Satya Got her Book CHOCOLATE SOCKS by Holly Durst!

When Satya got her book in the mail she was ecstatic!  We immediately sat down together and read it.  When we had said that we wanted a review copy of the book so we could write about it on this blog, I had no idea that it would inspire a nightly ritual of reading this book every night before bed and inspire me to go back to my desire to publish a children’s book of my own!

Chocolate Socks made me and my 3 year old daughter think about our dreams and we have had quite the conversations of what we would create if we could.  One that has stood out was that Satya wanted a candy covered giraffe!  This book has given us many smiles and laughs.  More than anything, I love that this book allows kids and families to think about something that is impossible and make it happen.  This is a message that I will continue to foster in my daughters and in the work I do with children and families who struggle with finding joy due to life’s challenges and situations in my line of social work.

Thank you Holly Durst for the experiences this has already given us.  I can’t wait until my 6 month baby girl gets involved and tells us what she would create if she could!


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