What is Wrong With ME?

I am sitting here, sorta furious with myself.

I am so lucky, blessed really for my babes!  AND, all I really want to do here is document some of the greatest memories, experiences, frustrations, love, phots, etc….. but I never take the time to sit down and do it.  Too much time has passed since I wrote here last and I am really mad at myself.

We have had holidays, summer, the start of preschool and all that comes new with that and a first birthday!  I WILL write about each of these things in the upcoming days, as I am more resolute then ever to get this going more consistently.  Really this is for my girls.  I want to have a journal of sorts here for them to have and read and learn about so many things!  I am hopeful that I can do it!

Hoping for the best… with pictures to come too! 

~Failed Mama


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