Life as we know it!


Life moves.

Life moves so quickly.

Every time I write a new post it feels like an eternity has passed and so much has happened that I failed to record!  I get so mad at myself for this, yet, I am thankful that I am busy living too!

Updates:  Baby girl is talking and even went potty on the potty seat ALL BY HERSELF!  I am not kidding when I say, ALL BY HERSELF.  I have the seat out just in case she starts to show interest and one day when I was busy big girl went potty.  They both happened to be “nakey” and baby girl decided to sit on the potty seat and actually went!  We were all amazed!

I am basically done with school and just have to student teach.  I just found out that I have been confirmed at a placement near home.  I am both looking forward to it and a bit anxious about the life change.  The hub is considering a huge life changing commitment that is again, both exciting and anxiety producing!

More to come….

But first a few priceless moments…                                                       BLESSED!!!!

1101 611 574



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