Life…. MERCY!

I call mercy!

I am so blessed with so many things!  Wonderful family with amazing children, a nice place to call home, all the necessities of life are taken care of, a flexible job, great friends, and a God that loves us so much (and as my oldest would say, “we have the best Jesus!”

There is absolutely no reason to complain!  So, why do I do it?  I still can’t answer that question.  Short of human nature….  I am currently in the home stretch of student teaching in a Special Education Elementary classroom.  I have about 8 working days remaining of this journey.  There is still so much to be done.  I have to complete all the tasks of the TPA and upload it into a special system, I have to write pages upon pages upon pages of commentary and I still need to create a faux service learning project that I could implement if necessary.  I have to complete my final self assessment and then schedule to meet with someone at the college to upload the whole thing to the reviewer/assessors and hope for the best.  All this needs to happen before I have a surgical procedure on the 5th of December!  YIKES~!   This should be interesting….

…..All the while, all I want to do is be with my girls playing, cooking, creating and having fun.  I am looking forward  to Thanksgiving and all the anticipation for Christmas!   Oh yeah, did I mention that my husband will be out of the country for a month over Christmas…..  Yep… MERCY!


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