Times are changing…

We have a lot going on right now.

I am beginning the journey of Special Education teacher! I accepted a position in an intermediate school that has a brand new building close to home. I will now work about 5 minutes from home! I will be home with my kiddos during the summers and on school breaks! I am both excited and anxious about this change. Leaving a job that I DO NOT hate makes this a bit more complicated in terms of my heart and feelings. I feel so good about the work I do and where I am at with the agency. However, there are plenty of things going on that leave my situation there uncertain. Ultimately I feel ready to make a change and I am hopeful that I will be successful in all that the new job entails. It comes at a time when my husband is also embarking on some new territory (more about that later!).

Recently I had some doctors say that they were worried about some moles that I have. I had 5 of them biopsied to find out that 4 of them are precancerous and one of those for were at the severe stage. This was quite unsettling to me. I had them removed and am waiting to get some lab work back. These experiences sure make you think about your life. In my younger years, I would have met this situation with the attitude of hopeful adventure. Now, as a mother, I met this situation with a bit of fearful concern and wanted to do anything I could to get rid of this… leaving me feeling a bit worried about whether or not all the problematic moles were considered. Every 6 months I will check up on the rest of my moles! Trusting Jesus with this and know that He is by my side.

As these and other things are going on in my world I constantly keep my eyes on what makes my life beautiful!

Here is a look at that…



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