And Time Never Waits

Another post starting with how I’ve waited way too long to write here. I just reread my last post, I was met with both gratitude and anticipation for what has happened and what is continuing to go on. 

To update:

I LOVE THE NEW JOB!  It is strange to reread what I wrote back in July before even starting this new journey. I know I was nervous done and I was uncertain about my decision, however I wish I knew then what I know now. It’s almost as if this job was made for me. It is a marriage of mental health/social work and teaching young children ways to deal with their life in ways that can help them from a very early age. I couldn’t of asked for anything better! Not to mention that the school I Matt is absolutely phenomenal. I am blessed beyond measure! 

My moles… They came back again with uncleared margins. I went to a specialist and had them do more excising. This time they came back clear!  Now, the scars that are left are a reminder of the need for self-care. 

My girls… They never slow down. Each moment is met with joy and excitement. And some are met with begrudging hesitation for time to stop. My big girl is over half way thru her kindergarten year!  She is so smart and learns new things quickly. She’s amazed me with how much she’s soaked up. She’s a full fledged reader now and her math skills are impressive!  My youngest is brilliant as well!  If you didn’t know you would think she’s actually reading when she picks up a book and tells you what it’s about. She has a photographic memory it seems! She hears a book one time and she’s able to recite it with precision!  She loves to copy anything her sweet big sister does!!  She is full of sass and she knows just what she wants and what she’ll deal with!!!  Oh goodness, I love them so!

Here’s a little photo update…




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