With all the recent violence in our society I am left with deep feelings of uncertainty and need to say something…

I can’t have this happen.

We are a mixed family. Being a mixed family, I find we are in difficult situation. I can’t let it become me versus you or us versus them. If I do that, I am the white privileged person that doesn’t understand and therefore can’t care the right way. My husband becomes the unimportant suspect that can’t do things right without being targeted. Where do my mixed girls fall into this? I have to challenge this narrative every single day. I have to show and teach kindness every single day. While doing this, I have to teach practicing this kindness without being hurt or taken advantage of. I have to build strong daughters that care about people and themselves enough to spread their beautiful kindness that is so inherent in who they are. The messages they hear both at home and in the world are so critical to their world view.

They are important.
They are smart.
They are kind.
They are beautiful.
They are enough.

They matter.

At the end of the day, at the beginning of the day it’s kindness that matters.

Kindness Matters


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