Essential Oils are Essential!

I have recently happened upon essential oil goodness.  I am a teacher in a special education setting and work with children with behavioral and emotional disabilities.  I randomly ordered a diffuser with several different oils and thought, “what the heck, let’s give this a try!”  Honestly……… this was one of the best things I did!  I experimented with many different blends of the oils and watched the way it transformed my classroom.  I had students who could not concentrate and struggled to have a calm body become relaxed and seemingly at peace with the oils filling the air.  As people entered my classroom, most would comment on the pleasant smell but also noted how peaceful it made the room feel!  Now, I am not saying that the essential oils solved all my classroom issues or that it is a miracle cure but I am saying that using essential oils along with positive relationships, consistency and high expectations, my classroom has only benefited from diffusing essential oils…. thus making them ESSENTIAL!

I have since ordered another diffuser and oils and have this running in my home.  My own girls are positively impacted by them and enjoy experimenting with the smells and way it makes them feel!


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