To Nature I will Go


Anytime I am stressed or worried or even content, finding my way to nature is like salve to my soul.  I find peace there.  I find kindness there.  I find God there.  The sounds of birds singing, leaves dancing on the trees, frogs croaking and even bugs humming have a way of calming my spirit.  I am reminded there that life is what it is.  I spend way too much time worrying or trying to orchestrate everything around me to success when realistically, I have no control over how things turn out most of the time.  As long as I go with my instincts and do my best and choose to see good, things generally turn out to be successful.  In nature, things grow as they are supposed to.  Things live as they should and die as they should.  The sun knows how to shine.  The wind knows how to blow.  The soil knows how to nourish.  All of these things trust in being.  The best part is knowing that all of this is created by a God that loves us so deeply and fully and wants good for each of us.

So, in this turmoil of life right now, I will again go to nature.  I need to regroup, be reminded of a peaceful spirit and feel close to my God.




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