Back to School

How can it be?

We are getting ready for back to school time in our house!

The girls are both excited and hesitant to return to school.  The last two summers have been different than ever before.  I changed my career and became a teacher!  With this change, that means that I get to be with my girls everyday all summer long!  We all cherish this time like I never imagined!  I knew it would be great, but I also knew that it would come with it’s own struggles….However, I am happy to report the struggles are nil.  We rest, we explore, we play, we cook, we dance, we imagine, we swim, we bike, we live, we enjoy…. the list could go on and on!  Having said all that, going back to school is a little hard on all of us!

The countdown begins…

…because of my desire to wish it wasn’t time I have successfully procrastinated all there is to be done:

  • Supply shopping
  • clothes shopping
  • back to school nights and meet the teachers
  • getting routines back in order
  • reviewing important skills
  • Getting important things scheduled on the calendar
  • Readying my own classroom
  • and the list could go on and on….



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