Playing in the Puddles

Sometimes all you need is a good puddle.  It has been raining for a few days both literally and figuratively!  When life is hard, puddles reminded me today that the rain stops and you are left to make a decision.  Are you going to continue to feel the heaviness or are you going to do what you can to find a way to see something positive.  Today… we decided that we were going to find a puddle and jump with everything we’ve got.  We looked for small puddles and big puddles.  We looked for muddy puddles and clean puddles.  The joy was in the exploration as well as making the biggest splash!  We got dirty and we got wet.  Nothing feels better than coming home and getting those wet clothes and rain boots off and into a nice warm bath!  Sometimes…

… all you need is a really good puddle to help put perspective back into life.




  1. And it helps to remember that the rain will eventually stop and the sun will peek through and you will feel a new kind of joy all over again. Appreciating life in the midst of the storms is a testimony to who YOU are…and remembering to dance in the rain. Love you, Kelly!

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