A Note to Parents (of children with special needs)

Dear Parent:

You are enough.

Your child is amazing.

You don’t need me to tell you this.  But sometimes, you need to hear it.  With the crazy obsession for perfection in our society, I am feeling compelled to tell you that what is most important is that your child knows they are significant and they are loved and that you know that you are showing them this each and every day.  We all have moments.  We all have days, or months, or even years, where we feel like we are blowing it.  Look at the smiles or the sunshine in their eyes.  You were entrusted with this child because you can do it.

I do not know everything.  I am not a parent of a child who has special needs (as society sees special needs).  I am a teacher that cares about children who have special needs.  I am a person that sees the worth in every human and wants each to know their value, however that might happen.  We all have special needs.  We all have a purpose. The most important difference we can make as people is to smile at each other, to show kindness in everything we do,  to build positive relationships with those we spend time and through that we all can become our best.

children around the world





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