And…. it’ s Here

I was tempted to put a sad face next to my title of this post.  However, in a brief moment of hesitation, I decided not too!  Even though I feel a sense of sadness that summer is over and we are embarking on a new school year, there is hope as we move forward.  2016 has been a challenging year for us.  Knowing that once 2016 ends; my mom’s chemotherapy will be done and we can move forward to further healing for her and a new reality.  My 2nd grader is so excited to get back to school and see friends and have new experiences….how can that not be exciting?  My preschooler smiles her beautiful smile every time we mention school getting back in session.  And, even me… I am starting a new school year in my special education classroom with 6 amazing children that have so much potential and upcoming growth to celebrate!  Here is a perfect example of choosing to see positivity even when my initial instinct is one of dread!  My time with my girls during summer break is so incredibly cherished that seeing it come to an end can’t be helped but to experience a certain amount of loss.  However, a new year brings new excitement, new challenges and the hope of the coming phases!

Cheers to living life!



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