Gratitude Journal

This page will be dedicated to acknoweldging the things I am greatful for!  Things I feel are amazing blessings should be noted and praise be given for such gifts!  Some of the things I am greatful for will probably be noted many times because I am greatful for them each and every time… Join me and comment about what you are greatful for today!



  1. Today I am greatful mostly for my baby girl and my amazing husband! I am greatful for:
    Flexible work schedule
    And it should be made clear… It is to GOD that I am greatful! Thank you Jesus for all you are, for all you do and for loving me!


  2. So far today… I am grateful for
    ***the homesmart program we have through our energy company because we got our dryer fixed and had to pay NOTHING! Yay…trying to dry clothes in humid air is not possible!
    ***of course for my little beauty
    ***for my flexible job
    ***for my family
    ***wonderful caretakers of my baby when I can’t do it myself!


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